Your Expat Vote Counts

D66-leider Sigrid Kaag in gesprek tijdens de campagne voor de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen. Beeld: Martijn Beekman

On 14th, 15th and 16th of March you can vote for the municipal elections.

While democracy is under pressure abroad and at home, you as an expat, can vote and help us shape the future of your city. D66 works for a city with sufficient affordable housing, green neighborhoods and equal opportunities for all. For a city where we can all be ourselves and reach our joint potential and for a country where everybody is free, but no one abandoned.

Vote D66.

Checklist How To Vote

You have received a voting pas two weeks prior to the elections. Bring this pass and your ID and you can vote in any polling station in your municipality.

Checklist Who Can Vote

  • As an expat from one of the EU member states you can vote
  • As an expat from a non-EU member state, you can vote if you have been living in the Netherlands, in possession of a resident permit, for five years.
  • As an expat working for an International Law organization