Internationals in Rotterdam! Our election manifesto is now available in English

English-speaking Rotterdammers deserve the ability to make an educated decision on what party they’re going cast their vote on in this year’s municipal elections. Needless to say, we hope your decision will land om D66. That’s why for the past few weeks, our campaign team has worked on translating our summarized election manifesto into plain English. Today, we happily present our plans for a progressive, green and liberal Rotterdam.

Positive: We believe in every Rotterdammer

D66 believes that people are strong and can achieve a lot. D66 wants to help people do things themselves. We also want to help entrepreneurs. We believe that every Rotterdammer is free to do things their own way. There are always people who break the rules, but we believe that most people are good. That is being positive.

Green: Thinking about the future

Our decisions are important for the future.

  • Rotterdam must be greener.
  • The air must be cleaner.
  • We need better houses.
  • We want fewer cars in the city centre.
  • The port must be cleaner.
  • We should throw away less and reuse more.

Social: Everyone is equal

There is still a lot of poverty in Rotterdam and many people are in debt. It is difficult for these people to find a house they can afford. We also want to help these Rotterdammers and especially the Rotterdam children. It is not right that the chance of a good life is determined by where you are born. Everyone should have the same opportunities.

Safe: Safe and free

Not everyone feels safe in Rotterdam. People feel safe when they live in a nice neighbourhood. We want neighbours to meet and get to know each other. People are different, but we are all human beings. There will be consequences if people break the rules, and we want to make sure they don’t do it again. But we do not want rules that make others less free.

Reliable: A trusted government

A trusted government is a government that helps in an honest way. D66 wants to keep listening to people. We find it important that Rotterdammers think along and help. Rules and laws are important, but D66 always wants to listen to Rotterdammers.

Vote D66 in 2022

For a progressive, green and liberal Rotterdam.