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D66 Rotterdam is a progressive liberal democratic party. “Freedom for everyone, but nobody left behind” summarises the core of our ideology. Both nationally and locally, D66 is known for efforts to tackle climate change, creating equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, religion, or any other identity. Improving education, creating more democratic participation and enhancing emancipation of marginalised communities.

Globally minded

We are globally minded and believe Rotterdam is a global city. Internationals in Rotterdam can count on D66 to include them in conversations and to tackle the biggest issue of this generation: climate change, housing and education.

  • For expats specifically, we would like to provide them with better services. International talent is of great value to Rotterdam. The influx of new skills in areas we experience a shortage contributes to life in the city.
  • We want to facilitate highly skilled migrants coming to Rotterdam, by investing in quality municipal services, that are also offered in English, and by creating more international schools.

Green: thinking about tomorrow 

We want to tackle climate change by thinking about tomorrow, while making decisions today. Rotterdam is in need of serious greenification.

  • We strive for Rotterdam to be CO₂-neutral and have a circular economy by 2040.
  • Pollution in Rotterdam is a serious issue; the air quality in the city is one of Europe’s worst. That’s why D66 wants that Rotterdam does not exceed the EU’s air quality limits and complies with WHO air quality guidelines by 2025. Decreasing the use of cars in the city and promoting taking a bike or public transport is one of the ways D66 wants to make Rotterdam climate-proof.
  • A sustainable city also needs a new energy system in which renewable energy supplies the needs of Rotterdammers. We want energy projects to be owned by local citizens and businesses.
  • We want to place solar panels on the many flat roofs in the city and on the buildings owned by the municipality. We also want to increase green areas by 8 hectare (about 20 acres) a year.
  • Houses need to become sustainable as well. We want to sustainalize 20,000 houses by working together with pension funds, energy corporations and banks to create an ‘energy label fund’ from which zero-interest loans will be provided to those living in a non-sustainable home. So they can easily invest in making their home more sustainable.
  • D66 wants to close down all coal-fired power stations, as this improves the environment and is the cheapest way to reduce CO₂-emissions.
  • We also want to position Rotterdam as Europe’s main hydrogen hub.
  • Rotterdam-The Hague Airport should only be used as a base for security services and necessary (longer distance) business flights. This means the number of vacation flights will be drastically decreased.

Housing should be affordable and pleasant 

In The Netherlands there is currently a housing crisis going on: lots of people cannot find an affordable home. For internationals, this can sometimes be even more difficult.

  • We believe houses are for living, not for profit. We want to implement the purchase protection act and self-occupancy obligation in all of Rotterdam, to make sure each Rotterdammer has the opportunity to find suitable housing.
  • Because of the housing shortage, there is also a need to build more homes. We want to keep the public housing supply intact and build more houses for students, people searching for their first home and those with an average income. Because the housing shortage is most pressing in the aforementioned categories.

Equal opportunities, regardless of where you are from

About 60,000 households in Rotterdam are in debt, or are at risk of getting in debt. 10% of Rotterdammers live near or below the social minimum. For this group, the lack of affordability of a home is under additional pressure.

  • D66 wants to lend a helping hand to those in need. In particular for those who are at the beginning of their life: the children of Rotterdam. We want them to receive a ‘rich school day’, in which healthy breakfasts and lunches are provided to all kids. Participation in cultural activities and sports will also be made available. We believe the best education should be at the fingertips of each Rotterdammer.
  • Currently, most of a person’s socio-economic status is determined by where they were born. We believe that is totally wrong. We want to promote equality of opportunity. Every Rotterdammer has his own dreams and deserves the same chance as their neighbour to make them a reality.

A safer city, without sacrificing freedom

The Rotterdam safety index increases each year. Regardless, Rotterdammers do not always feel safe.

  • Residents will only really feel safe if they live in an environment with a pleasant atmosphere, where meetings with neighbours are common and community involvement is encouraged. We believe we have much more in common than that we are different. We recognise differences that do exist and embrace diversity in all areas.
  • It is clear that we also struggle with both large-scale and petty crime in Rotterdam. This requires a coherent approach. Those who curtail the freedom of others by intimidation, aggression, discrimination and nuisance will be dealt with in a targeted and appropriate manner. In doing so, the freedom of the majority will not be affected.

A trustworthy and predictable government

A helpful, predictable and fair government is crucial for trust. We strive for the Rotterdam administration to excel in executing their tasks.

  • We want an administration not afraid to listen and to outsource responsibility when appropriate. To neighbourhood councils, or through thematic draws and the right to cooperate.
  • Finally, we stand for a public administration that keeps the human dimension in mind when making decisions and that understands how executing policy plans takes shape.
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For a progressive, green and liberal Rotterdam.