D66: the internationally minded party for the International City of Peace and Justice

Beeld: Roman Boed

The Hague is not just another city. It is your city. D66 beliefs that in your city, you should feel at home and your voice should be heard. If you are an international, you probably have the right to vote for the city council elections.

What is D66?
D66 is the largest progressive party in The Hague and in The Netherlands. We are internationally-minded, socially-liberal and progressive. We are strong supporters of European coorporation, internationalism and green politics.

What are municipal elections?
In the municipal elections, you can choose who may have a seat on the city council. The members of the city council represent you and all other residents of The Hague.

Can I vote for the city council as an international?

You are eligable to vote for the city council if you are either an EU-citizen living in The Hague, or a non-EU-citizen that lives in The Hague and has been living in The Netherlands continously for the past 5 years.

What are three reasons to support D66?
1: Fighting Climate change
D66 wants a greener city with enjoyable parks and ample recreational and sport facilities. Home owners are financially supported to insulate their homes, invest in sustainable heating and clean mobility.

2: Solving the housing crisis
D66 wants affordable housing for all, including international students, starters and families. Any form of discrimination in the housing market is fought against.

3: Keeping citizens united
Populism, hatered and divisiveness are on the rise. And with it come extreme parties that challenge our liberal democracy. We call upon all citizens to say NO to these parties. The only way is to look for similarities and common dreams, not by focusing on differences.