Why internationals should vote D66

Beeld: Roman Boed

14, 15 and 16 march you can vote for a new municipal council. If you are an expat or international student, then you are probably eligable to vote.

What are municipal elections?
In the municipal elections, you can choose who may have a seat on the Municipal Council. The members of the Municipal Council represent you and all other residents of The Hague. Vote! This way you can influence what happens in our city!

What is D66?
The Hague is not just another Dutch city. It is your home. And in your city, your voice should be heard.

D66 is the largest progressive party in The Hague and in The Netherlands. We are internationally-minded and social-liberal. We’ve been ardent supporters of European coorporation, internationalism and green politics since our founding in 1966.

What are three reasons to vote D66?

1: Fighting Climate change
D66 wants a greener city with enjoyable parks and ample recreational and sport facilities. Home owners are financially supported to insulate their homes, invest in sustainable heating and clean mobility.

2: Solving the housing crisis
D66 wants affordable housing for all, including international students, starters and families. Any form of discrimination in the housing market is fought against.

3: Keeping citizens united
Populism, hatered and divisiveness are on the rise. And with it come extreme parties that challenge our liberal democracy. We call upon all citizens to say NO to these parties. The only way is to look for similarities and common dreams, not by focusing on differences.
How can you vote?

Did you receive a voting pass (stempas)? Then you are eligible to vote!

All you need is your identity card and voting pass on the 14th, 15th or 16th of March 2022.

A valid form of identity is:
a Dutch passport, identity card, driving licence or residence permit or a privileged person’s identity card.
a passport, identity card or driving licence from another EU country or from Norway, Switzerland (expect for a driving licence from Switzerland), Liechtenstein or Iceland.
You are allowed to vote using a proof of identity which has been expired for a maximum of 5 years on 16 March 2022. Check the date on your identity document under ‘valid until’. Any date as of 17 March 2017 will be accepted.

When and how can you vote?
You can cast your vote on Wednesday, 16 March at 1 of the 276 polling stations in The Hague. You can also cast your vote on Monday, 14 March and Tuesday, 15 March at 1 of the 49 polling stations.  
Most of the polling stations are open from 7.30 uur to 21.00 hrs. The following polling stations have diferent opening hours on Wedensday, 16 March:

Central Station: 6.30 to 21.00 hrs.
Hollands Spoor station: 6.30 to 21.00 hrs.
Paagman bookstore: 9.00 to 21.00 hrs.
Paard: 7.30 to 18.00 hrs.
Most of the polling stations in The Hague are accessible for voters in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. A number of polling stations have extra facilities for voters who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing.

How do you cast your vote?
1. Take your voting pass and proof of identity (passport, identity card, driving licence) with you when you go to vote.

2. Go to the polling station. An election official will greet you at the entrance of the polling station. This person will make sure that there are not too many people in the polling station at the same time. You might have to wait a few minutes before entering.  

3. Give your voting pass to the election official seated behind the table and show your proof of identity. Your voting pass and proof of identity will be checked. If both of these are in order, yoiu will get a ballot and a red pencil.

4. Cast your vote! Go into a polling booth. You cast your vote by colouring in the circle next to the name of the candidate of your choice using the red pencil. Fold up the ballot after colouring in the circle so that the list of candidates is not visible. Insert the ballot into the ballot box. You are allowed to keep the red pencil.
Your vote is not valid if you do the following on the ballot:
use any other colour than red
colour in more than 1 circle  
write or draw anything which may reveal your identity
Have you lost your voting pass? Apply for a new one!
You can apply for a new voting pass before 17:00 on 11th of March 2022.