Summary of our election manifesto

Breda makes us proud: together for a strong future

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We are living in special times. The people of Breda have shown how resilient and creative they are. This fills us with pride. It urges us to do things differently after this crisis, for Breda and in Breda. Our neighbourhoods and villages are what makes Breda a big city. A city that deserves big dreams and great acts. D66 Breda has ambition and fantastic ideas to fulfil those dreams and acts. It is our duty to put these dreams and acts into action and build a better and stronger future for Breda. We need your support to make that happen. You will read here, why we ask for your support and trust.

Breda is home Breda is a city where you feel at home. Finding affordable housing is becoming increasingly difficult. We will change that. We want to build new housing suitable for every budget, we will build more lower income and middle income rental housing. We will make clear rules for the housing market that work for everyone on the market.
Breda is sustainable The consequences of climate change are getting increasingly more noticeable and severe. We need action for a more liveable earth, in Breda too. This offers us with opportunities to create a more beautiful, cleaner and greener Breda but also opportunities for creative and economic innovations. D66 want sustainable housing, cleaner energy, protected environment and sustainable agriculture. We will aim for Breda, a city in a park. 
Breda is equal Everyone deserves equal opportunity. When where you are from determines your future, you are not truly free. Creating equal opportunities means making unequal decisions. Decisions on the best education, help when it is needed, from toddler to adolescent and from high school student to students. We want sports, culture and (school)guidance for every child. Everyone in Breda should be able to become the best version of themselves. 
Breda is healthy The place where you were born or where you live should not determine how healthy you are. This is why we invest in a healthy city. We focus on prevention and care. We will make sports accessible and affordable. We will look after each other. D66 makes Breda healthy by focussing on the physical and mental health of all our citizens. 
Breda is liveable  Safety and liveability are the foundation for an open and free Breda. Everyone should feel safe here. For D66 prevention of and acting on criminal activity go hand in hand.  A liveable city is a city where everyone feels free to be themselves no matter who they are how they identify. D66 want a vibrant Breda for everyone.
Breda is creative Art, culture, events, bars and restaurants are what makes Breda such a great place to live. They contribute to a feeling of connection to Breda, a city that feels like home and where you can relax. We appreciate the efforts of our creators and organisers and want to give them perspective. We will create an open environment for creators and organisers to do what they do best and give our bars and restaurants the important attention they deserve. Breda is a city of creators of fun and entertainment.
Breda is enterprising Enterprising gives energy and brings joy. We want as many people possible to be able to work. Entrepreneurs contribute to Breda society and employment opportunities. They deserve space and faith. We will limit rules that limit their ability to entrepreneur. D66 wants a strong economy and an enterprising city for everyone.
Breda is accessible We want fast, smart and clean mobility throughout Breda. D66 will invest in share transport, good parking and space for pedestrians and cyclists. Reaching the city centre will be more attractive by bike or public transport. De best routes in limited space asks for strong decisions. We will make those. With our eyes on the road, we will create a better future. 
Breda is involved The municipality is there for its citizens, never the other way around. D66 wants a local government that listens to its citizens. We will make it easier to have your voice heard. The municipality should be easy to reach, easy to talk to and should communicate in a way that is understandable for everyone. City taxes should be fairer and cleaner. We stand for democracy.

D66 Breda wants to make it happen
Read more about our dreams and ambitions on our website, make sure to read our English page.