Internationals can vote! Find out how.

The Dutch municipal elections will be held on wednesday March 14th, 15th and 16th. Internationals who are EU-citizens or have lived in Breda for more than five years are also eligible to vote! So make sure to use this democratic right for the better of our city. In order to vote, you will need an ID and a voting pass, which you will receive approximately 14 days before the elections. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to vote, please check the website of the Government of the Netherlands to check your eligibility. When you receive your voting pass, you are eligible to vote.

Your vote matters.

Many aspects of public life in the Netherlands are the responsibility of municipalities. Schools, preventative healthcare, affordable housing, public transportation, maintenance of parks and roads, local taxes, closing times of clubs, which events take place, you name it and your own city council is in charge. On March 14th, 15th and 16th, you, as an international citizen of Breda, have a vote that matters!

About D66

D66 (Democrats 66) is a progressive social liberal party. The ideas of D66 give testimony to the idea that true liberalism is social, because it strives for the greatest possible future and self-determination for all individuals. D66-politicians will always keep in mind the following five guiding principles:

1. Trust in people’s own power
2. Think and act internationally
3. Reward performance and share wealth
4. Work towards a sustainable and harmonious society
5. Cherish our civil rights and shared values

For more information about D66 and our values please check our national website in English.

Our city will have a number of challenges in the next few years. We would like to focus on at least three of the major issues for our citizens: affordable housing, equal opportunities for everyone and the climate crisis. Our beautiful city of Breda should be an equally amazing place to live for all of our citizens.

Affordable Housing in Breda

We understand the challenges for students, first time home owners, young families, singles and seniors of finding affordable housing. We need to build more houses which are in an affordable, mid-priced housing range. We will build more housing suitable for teachers, nurses and police officers, and for you! We will build beautiful houses, high rise and low rise, in new exciting neighbourhoods with room for arts and culture, bars and restaurants and green areas and parks. 

Equal opportunities for everyone

Inequality is a poison to society. Where you are born should not determine your opportunities for the rest of your life. D66 Breda wants to create a level playing field for all of the citizens of Breda. We are a party of prevention rather than repression. To achieve this, we will create neighbourhood teams that will signal issues at the start in specific neighbourhoods or with a specific group of citizens. By signalling issues early we can start prevention before issues escalate.

We recognise how important it is to create perspective for all citizens and to create opportunities for everyone, regardless of where they are born. We understand that this requires a long term approach. Therefore, during our last term in council, we launched a big policy-initiative that combates inequality  and we intend to follow it through the next decade. This policy is creating real opportunity and equality for all citizens of Breda and we are excited to see our city become a great place to live for everyone.

Combatting the climate crisis

Sustainability and combating the climate crisis has been one of our major goals both locally and nationally. We are committed to do our part in achieving the climate goals. We will do this by building more sustainable housing, with sustainable building materials. We will create more shade by planting more trees and we will strive for less tiles and more green spaces across the city. We envision Breda as a city in a park. A beautiful green city with lots of trees, green spots and beautiful waterways for all of our citizens to live in. We think that the biggest polluters should pay for their pollution, the less trash you leave the less waste taxes you pay. That is how we create a more sustainable city together.

Our vision for Breda

We are proud of the city of Breda, with it’s beautiful historic centre, it’s fantastic green surroundings, the lovely villages, awesome creative hubs, theatres and museums and more. Breda is a big city with big goals and dreams to achieve, we are the party that wants to make that happen.

The challenges of this time call for a party with vision. A party that is approachable and that dares to stand up for all of its citizens, no matter who they are or where they are from. We will make Breda an even greater place to live for everyone. It is not for nothing we call Breda, the Pearl of the South. We need your help to make this happen. Vote for our progressive ideals and contribute to making this city more equal, green and sustainable with great affordable places to live. Your vote counts. 

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about our ambitions for Breda? Or are you not sure how or where to vote on March 14th, 15th and 16th? Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions.

You can send us an email: [email protected] or send a WhatsApp-textmessage to +31 6 18 11 65 50.