D66 Utrecht in English

Beeld: D66 Utrecht

D66 (Democrats 1966) is a Dutch progressive liberal party that strives towards a society with freedom for everyone, but nobody left behind.

Our ideology

D66 traditionally positions itself between the progressive parties on the left and the conservative liberal parties on the right. As a social liberal party, D66 believes that freedom is the most important condition for happiness, but that freedom by no means comes naturally.

As a society, we must ensure that if you go to school and work hard, you get an honest shot at good work, your own house, and a beautiful future; regardless of your place of birth, what neighbourhood you went to school in, or the profession of your parents. We believe in a government that provides liberty and support to those in need.

D66 in Utrecht

Chosen in direct municipal elections every four years, D66 maintains a solid representation in the Utrecht city council (10 councillors) and city executive board (3 eldermen) as the second largest party. As such, D66 has a real impact on the direction of our city’s growth. The city council has a mandate of many issues of immediate, day-to-day relevance like social security, infrastructure and housing.