Voting in the municipal elections in the Netherlands

EU Citizens who are of age (18 and over) are allowed to vote in the the municipal elections in the municipality where they are registered on the day the candidates are nominated (i.e. 44 days before the election). Other non-Dutch nationals who have been living in the Netherlands for at least 5 years (with a residence permit) are allowed to vote as well and under the same conditions (that they are of age and have been registered in the Municipality at least 44 days before the election).

Polling card

If you have registered with the Municipality as a resident, the ’stempas’ (polling card) will be sent to you at your home address at least 14 days before the election. With the polling card you will receive the list of candidates and addresses of the polling stations. When going to the Stembureau (polling office) on the day of the elections, please make sure to bring the polling card, together with a valid ID.

Deadline for registration

Please be aware of these dates; If you choose to vote in the Municipal elections of March the 16th 2022, please make sure that you have registered as a resident by January the 31st!

Further information

For further information about the eligibility requirements for voting in municipal elections and how to authorise another voter to cast your vote, go to