D66 Delft in English

Focus D66 Delft

D66 is an internationally oriented social-liberal party that focuses on education, climate change mitigation, housing and the further integration of the European Union.

Every child deserves the best chances in life and education should provide the basis for a society in which everyone can reach their full potential. D66 will invest in education, from primary school to University level we will increase funding to enhance the quality as well as to stimulate research and development.

D66 wants to prepare Delft for the future, which is why the city must be carbon neutral by 2050. We will not only meet our climate goals, but will even transcend them. Our neighborhoods will be greener, with clean air and clean water. We aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by the year 2030.

We will build 15,000 new homes before 2040. This will allow students to live affordably and make it easier for first time buyers to find their first home. We are committed to pursuing circular and biobased construction methods in these Delft based projects, ensuring that materials are used efficiently.

Election Manifesto

Are you interested in our plans for Delft? Then read the D66 Delft election manifesto for the municipal elections of March 2022 by clicking here.

Political party D66

D66 (Democrats 1966) is a progressive liberal party. The ideas of D66 give testimony to the idea that true liberalism is social, because it strives for the greatest possible future and self-determination for all individuals. D66 politicians will always keep in mind the following five guiding principles:
– Trust in people’s own power
– Think and act internationally
– Reward performance and share wealth
– Work toward a sustainable and harmonious society
– Cherish our civil rights and shared values

For more general information in English about D66 you can check the D66 website.