Housing programme: ambitious and decisive

‘Amsterdammers’ make up our city but you can only call yourself an Amsterdammer if you are able to find a place to live in the city. Specifically this civil right, the right to housing, has been put under immense pressure because of the current housing crisis. This is unacceptable. D66 believes that everyone in Amsterdam should have the same opportunity to receive housing. Not solely the poor or the rich, but everyone in between as well. This upcoming term, D66 considers affordable housing for starters and families with a middleclass income an absolute top priority. We can achieve this by constructing significantly more houses for middleclass incomes but also by reining in the negative effects of the housing markets through regulation, such as the purchase protection of houses.

Significant construction for middleclass incomes

D66 aims to build at least 9.000 houses per year of which 50% is affordable for and available to middleclass incomes. We will use available urban spaces innovatively and build entire new neighborhoods on top of water, of which Amsterdam has an abundance of course. Furthermore, we will build high-rise buildings around Amsterdam’s public transportation nodes as such places specifically can accommodate an increase of people per square meter. To increase production we will cooperate with the stakeholders in the housing market, such as our housing corporations and pension funds, as partners rather than as antagonists. We will make agreements with these stakeholders regarding construction numbers, affordability and sustainability. Nevertheless, more is needed than a sole focus on construction. If elected, the municipality will stop gauging its land prices to fund our yearly budget but rather negotiate fair land prices together with stakeholders in return for affordable housing. Land prices will hinge on transparency and be derived from fair construction costs. Finally, we will introduce a set (low) price of land for middle income housing projects in exchange for affordable rents, acceptable yearly rent increase and larger houses.

Circulation, regulation and transformation

Our construction speed and output will be greater than ever before. Nevertheless, the reality shows that merely constructing houses will not create a fairer housing market. Houses are for people to live in. As such, we will implement an act so that it becomes mandatory for the purchasing party to live in the purchased house rather than to rent it out or sell it for a quick profit. This act will be protected by means of an anti-speculation clause. Additionally, we are committed to use all the tools available to the municipality to regulate the price of middle income homes and to lobby for the regulation of rent prices of middle income homes at the government level. 

D66 hopes to free up more homes in social housing by stimulating house moves so people live in homes that actually suit their needs and wants. This is currently not the case as too many people live in homes that are either too large or too cheap for their family set-up or wallet. By allocating people to houses that better fit their needs we will make homes available for people on the waiting lists that are desperate to find a home. We want to stimulate moving houses by offering movers increased financial compensation, professional assistance, an information campaign and collaboration with the wider region. Additionally, we will make agreements with housing corporations to stimulate mobility from social housing to middle income housing for whoever can afford it. Finally, we aim to make empty buildings liveable by transforming shops and offices into homes, by topping up buildings, reclaiming empty storage space above shops in the city center, and to build temporary circular houses in places without permanent residential destinations.

More affordable housing for starters and families

D66 wants to build 1.000 middleclass houses for a price of €325.000 or lower and an anti-speculation clause. This price is set as the price at which middleclass can borrow money as per the National Mortgage Guarantee. Furthermore, we will stimulate housing corporations to sell some of their houses to starters, if and only if they can build more than one social housing with the revenue of the sale in return. It will become easier for renters of social housing to buy the home they currently rent. Besides middle income houses for starters we also want to build more middle income houses larger than 75m2 suitable for families. We will also engage in dialogue with housing developers about new and innovative ways of living for families, such as living in housing complexes with shared facilities. This will make living in the city cheaper for families whilst still providing comfortable high quality apartments. Finally, we also pay attention to building a city rather than just constructing new houses. As such, D66 will place enough playgrounds for children, plant more green spaces, start new sporting clubs and pitches, and create a fun and amicable public space that is open to anyone and everyone.

Beeld: Bart Ros – unsplash