D66 urges the municipality to be hospitable to Ukrainian refugees

February 25, 2022, AT5/NH Amsterdam

D66 wants Amsterdam to start welcoming Ukrainians refugees. D66 has raised questions to the city council whether the municipality is prepared to do this and which measures are being taken to do so.

“Amsterdam has traditionally been a compassionate city. With war in Europe, we must be open and welcoming to refugees,” said party leader Reinier van Dantzig. “I urge the city government to make it known that Amsterdam is generously willing to receive refugees.”

For D66, it is important that Amsterdam quickly get an overview of when and how many refugees can be expected in the country and what share the city can take in it. “The suffering caused is enormous. They leave their homes and flee their own country. Amsterdam must be prepared and take measures to be able to receive them,  with a great hospitably,” states Councillor Yassmine el Ksaihi. 

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