Building a better Leiden

Many non-dutch speaking residents of Leiden are not involved with local politics. We want this group to feel like they too have influence in what happens in our beautiful city. That’s why we’ve come up with a brief summary of our plans for the next four years.

About D66

D66 is an internationally minded liberal-democratic party. In Leiden, D66 has been a part of the coalition of the city council for the last twelve years and the results are visible. Leiden has become a vibrant and green city. We are building new, affordable homes in record time and we are providing jobs for all of our citizens. For the coming four years we want to keep improving our city and the lives of the people who live in it.

We are proud to have such a large and varied international community in Leiden. D66 acknowledges the importance of the talent, knowledge and cultural riches that each and every international resident brings to our city and our region. Therefore, D66 has taken the lead in realizing an international school in Leiden and we are happy to announce that it will open this year!

Freedom for everybody, excluding nobody.

We believe in freedom for everyone, excluding nobody. This means that we trust in people´s own strength while we provide a safety net wherever necessary. We embrace diversity and inclusion. Every individual is different and has their own ideas about what to do with their lives. Every person has the capacity to think creatively and devise solutions. This creative potential thrives when confronted with other views, thoughts, and actions; an individual cannot be understood or thrive in isolation. People are a part of networks, groups, and relationships. Every person is different, but most people are always in contact with others. That is the basis for cohesion in society.

Our vision

How does D66 see the future for Leiden? Our vision is simple.
We choose a Leiden where you can choose the lifestyle that suits you best, where you can be who you want to be. We choose a green city where cycling and walking are preferred over cars. A city where people can study so they can become the best version of themselves.

We want Leiden to be the most innovative city in the field of durability and sustainability. Leiden should remain a city where everyone can live, work and study. Where our children won’t have to pay the price later on, because we don’t take urgent decisions now. Even though we make choices for future generations, we prefer to invest rather than to repair. So we build more houses in Leiden to stop the creeping disaster in the housing sector. We invest in accessibility.

Vote on the 14th, 15th or 16th of March!

Together, we work to make Leiden the most livable city in Europe.
Do you want to support us? Do you want to help us to build a better Leiden?

Vote for D66 on the 14th, 15th or 16th of March.

Leiden Bio Science Park We want to give Leiden Bio Science Park the space to grow. The space to become a fully-fledged district of Leiden, a true innovation district, where there is room for living, shopping and to enjoy nature.
New parks We want to create new parks to hang out with your friends, to do your daily walks, to walk your pets and to be physically active outside.
Equal opportunities, and a safe and healthy environment We strive for the best possible start for every child in Leiden. Children should have equal opportunities in life to succeed. That is why D66 wants to provide each and every child with the best possible school day: quality education, art and culture, music and a healthy lunch.

We want a healthy and safe environment for everyone living in Leiden. Prevention is very important as well in healthcare, as in financial stability and safety.
Arts and culture: accessible and widely known Leiden has a lot to offer when it comes to arts and culture: museums, theaters and a wide range of festivals. Leiden is a vibrant city and we find it very important to keep it that way. The arts and culture inspires, moves you and lets you relax. And that’s why D66 puts a lot of effort into making arts and culture more accessible and widely known.
Zero tolerance for racism and discrimination We have no tolerance for racism and discrimination in our city. Regardless of your cultural background, your gender, your sexual preference or level of education, we are all free and equal.