Why you should vote D66

In March 2022 municipal (council) elections will be held in Haarlemmermeer.

As an international worker and expat, you are eligible to vote in municipal elections, if
– You are an EU-Citizen
– Or you have been a legally resident in The Netherlands for at least five years.

Your vote matters!

If you live in Haarlemmermeer these elections give you the chance to be heard and shape the future of Haarlemmermeer. The municipality plays an important role decisions relating to the place where you live and your neighborhood.

This is your chance to make a difference, not just for yourself and the time you are staying in Haarlemmermeer but also for all the people coming after you!

Learn more about the voting process in Haarlemmermeer.

Trust in people’s own power

We believe in the power of people and their ability to develop as individuals. This is why we feel optimistic about the future. People have the creative ability to keep coming up with new solutions. We want a government that supports people’s intrinsic creativity and resourcefulness. Individual people are the key to change and we want a government that acknowledges this fact. What people can do for themselves and for others is far more important and effective than anything a government might legislate.

Think and act internationally

Societies are becoming interdependent in an ever increasing number of ways. We welcome the world and exclude no-one. In everything we do, we consider the effects our actions may have on others in the world. We recognize that Europe and the Netherlands are increasingly becoming one. International cooperation and economic progress are the keys to a world with fewer wars and conflicts. Our decisions must be pragmatic, level-headed and based on facts.

Reward performance
and share wealth

People differ from one another, yet at the same time they are all equal. Each individual is unique and we want a government that provides the freedom for those differences to flourish. We seek economic independence for as many people as possible and we believe in rewarding those who excel. We want a dynamic, open society in which everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions and to develop as they wish. We consider it a matter of course that wealth should be shared. We want to see as many people as possible participating socially and economically because that is the road to increased prosperity for everyone. We acknowledge that for we all share responsibility for those in our society in less fortunate social and economic circumstances.

Work towards a sustainable and harmonious society

We want to embrace the world with respect and compassion. That respect and compassion applies both to the people around us and our environment. The earth is neither our personal property and nor an expendable consumer good. We wish to end the depletion and pollution of our environment. We feel the discussion on the environment should shift the burden of proof from having to find arguments in defense of preservation to arguments in defense of exploitation.

Cherish our civil rights and shared values

The fundamental values of our society are freedom and equality for everyone, regardless of belief, religion, sexual orientation, political views or ethnicity. Physical safety, non-violent solutions to conflicts of interest and the respectful exercise of freedom of expression as well as good governance and rule of law, form our core values. These values are universal and paramount. We defend civil rights, both at home and elsewhere.

Issues that matter to you.
Our municipality, your future.

Haarlemmermeer has been transforming from a couple of small villages to a more vibrant municipality with plenty of opportunities for all residents! D66 is proud to have contributed to this transformation in the past years, but more work needs to be done in the future! There are big challenges ahead when it comes to affordable housing, sustainability and climate adaption that need firm choices. D66 opts for an inclusive municipality that we can pass on to future generations.

Haarlemmermeer is home to small business entrepreneurs as well as national and international headquarters of large companies. We pride ourselves that we offer adequate housing, good education, an international elementary school, a vast network of technological infrastructure and public transportation. In Haarlemmermeer you can find it all, and you are always close to Amsterdam or Haarlem.

On a practical level we know that finding housing and the right schooling for your children is not always easy. Learning about and being aware of things like the tax-system, healthcare and all the other laws and regulations that affect you isn’t always straightforward either. Our aim is to make your life as  easier where that is within our means or in areas where we can exert influence.

D66 wants

– D66 wants every primary school to function as a real community school. In such schools education professionals, parents and the local community closely cooperate. Pre- and after-school activities such as homework support, day-care, physical exercise and lessons on healthy foods, nature and culture lead to a broad development of the children. Community schools also have proven to reduce language delays.

– D66 wants to provide extra funding for internationalization of our primary and secondary schools. Learning English and developing international skills with global citizenship programs enrichen the lives of all children. In addition, we want to make sure that all non-Dutch children are provided with extra Dutch classes within their own school.

– D66 wants to make sure that all decisions that we make as a municipality are making Haarlemmermeer future proof. Where we take sustainability seriously, and develop new housing projects according to the latest climate adaption strategies.

– We welcome businesses that invest in new circular economic methods that improve the economic workforce of Haarlemmermeer.

– We want to invest in more green and parks, and recreational green in your neighborhood. 
– We want to expand the accessibility of public transportation. To provide a true alternative to the car on medium distances, we need a reliable and frequent public transportation network. With the Noord/Zuid lijn from Amsterdam through Schiphol and Hoofddorp we connect ourselves with our nearby cities. Public transportation should be easy accessible and fast

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