Freedom for everyone, but nobody left behind.

Dear people of Hilversum,
Hilversum is in full motion. Thanks to D66, our city has become more vibrant and sustainable while preserving its cherished rural qualities. The COVID-19 crisis has had an enormous impact on all of us. Hilversum is recovering well thanks to the resilience of our inhabitants. However, we need to do more, this is why D66 focuses on the following:

Housing and building

Everyone deserves an affordable and suitable home. We want to tackle the housing shortage in Hilversum. We are going to build. Vacant properties will be transformed into houses with solar panels and green roofing.

  • A home for everyone by building sustainable houses within our city boundaries.

Beeld: D66 Hilversum

Equity for everyone

Whoever you are, and whatever your background is, in Hilversum everyone deserves equal opportunities. Starting with good and wide-ranging education and support for children who require extra help.

  • High quality education and cultural activities accessible to all.

Beeld: D66

A sustainable and
green Hilversum

We take our responsibility. We want to help citizins to make existing properties more sustainable. We will work on generating sustainable energy and a vehicle-restricted city center with more space for bicycles.

  • A sustainable city and enhancing nature in and around Hilversum.

Beeld: D66

We are the party with solutions for

May we please count on your vote?

Annette Wolthers | Party leader

Annette Wolthers | Lijsttrekker D66 Hilversum - Beeld: D66 Hilversum