Melissa and Chris Bruntlett on cycling infrastructure and sustainable transport

Beeld: Melissa and Chris Bruntlett

On Friday the 11th of March, Melissa and Chris Bruntlett of modacitylife will come to the D66 House at Oude Delft 102 to speak about their passion: Cycling infrastructure and sustainable transportation. The event will start at 16:00 and you are more than welcome to join for free.

About Melissa and Chris

Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are Canadian authors and urban mobility advocates who strive to communicate the benefits of sustainable transport and inspire happier, healthier, more human-scale cities. Their first book, Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality, explored the urban and transport planning decisions that established the Netherlands as a bicycle paradise, and how North American communities are translating these ideas to build their own cycling cities.

Moving to Delft

In 2019, Melissa and Chris, along with their children relocated from Vancouver, Canada, to Delft, the Netherlands. During the event on the 11th of March they will dive into their second book, Curbing Traffic: The Human for Fewer Cars in our Lives. Which tells the story of their move from Canada to Delft.