New in Europe: A vision on migration

Hoe kan Europa migratie in betere banen leiden? In de publicatie New in Europe: A vision on migration onderzoekt Marthe Hesselmans een duurzaam perspectief op EU asielbeleid en de integratie van nieuwkomers in verschillende Europese landen. Met bijdragen van o.a. Sigrid Kaag en Bart Somers.

New in Europe is een Engelstalige publicatie van het European Liberal Forum gebaseerd op Van nieuwkomer naar Nederlander: Een sociaal-liberale visie op migratie, asiel en integratie(Marthe Hesselmans, Van Mierlo Stichting: 2018).

English New in Europe offers a progressive liberal vision on migration. It analyses two urgent challenges facing European countries at the moment: managing asylum and facilitating the integration of newcomers. Proposals are made about how to deal with these challenges today and in the future. Human dignity, equal opportunities and durable international collaboration are the foundations that guide these proposals. Migration is a shared European reality. Our vision on migration is one of shared responsibility, freedom and solidarity.

Translating liberal values to actual policy solutions makes this publication an important contribution to current migration debates in Europe. It shows how European countries could act on something that touches everyone.”

Sigrid Kaag, Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

As liberals, we do not use politics of fear to win elections. We use politics of hope and optimism, without ever losing sight of reality.”

Bart Somers, mayor of Mechelen, Belgium

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Published by the European Liberal Forum’ with the support of Mr Hans van Mierlo Stichting.