Ambition and vision for Roosendaal

A social Roosendaal
A social, safe and bustling Roosendaal. That is what stand for. That’s why your vote for D66 Roosendaal is a vote for a sustainable future. A future of human connection and progress. So vote D66 on the 14th, 15th or 16th of March, for a strong and serving municipality of Roosendaal, for all its citizens.

A chance for everyone
Our municipality must be a social one, where every citizen of Roosendaal receives equal opportunities, allowing everyone to develop, grow as a person and achieve their dreams.

We have to increase the amount of homes in Roosendaal. We fully aim at building to fulfill all needs. This includes high rise buildings and experimental forms of living such as tiny houses or co-habitation. We also work on building affordable and sustainable homes for people buying their first home and people looking to move. Fitting for young and old.

Citizen’s participation
We want to establish neighborhood councils to better engage citizens in the municipality’s decision making process. This way, we want to bring humanity back to governance and strengthen the bond between the municipality and it’s citizens.