School of Democracy, Morocco 2022

From 9 till 11 december 2022 D66 (Hayat Chidi, former member Province Council and now member of the D66 Integrity Commission) went to Rabat, Morocco. Along with the Eduardo Frei Foundation of the CDA they organized an advanced course with the School of Democracy.

School of Democracy

On the first day Hayat gave the 18 participant a lecture on democratic values: liberty, equality and democracy. The participants, young students and professionals, were engaging and found a platform to elaborate in their view on democracy. After lectures on the founding of democratic parties in the Netherlands by trainers of the EFF on Saturday, the trainers had a walk in Rabat enjoying the cheerful experience after Morocco won the quarter finals in the World Cup football match.

Beeld: D66

Sunday December 11 Hayat closed the weekend with a lecture and group activity on negotiation skills. After an outstanding experience, having met such bright young professionals, the trainers flew back home, feeling inspired to follow up on the courses School of Democracy.

Beeld: D66

Author: Hayat Chidi