Rainbow Platform 2022

The Rainbow Platform aims to highlight the need for more liberal political representation of the LGBTQI+ community in Europe. To achieve that, the platform organizes a yearly Diversity Programme.

The programme

Beeld: D66

From female and other minority empowerment initiatives, the Rainbow Platform learned that political engagement of oppressed groups is valuable when the political communities of the oppressed groups are ready to embrace diversity. Therefore, the Rainbow Platform Diversity programme is an opportunity to diversify political organisations to better support LGBTQI+ individuals to engage in politics. The aim is to train officers in liberal political organisations to start and run successful diversity initiatives locally. Thus, paving the way for more equal representation.

The Diversity Programme ran ten online modules and three live meetings in Stockholm, Krakow, and Budapest. Instead of a training program, the Rainbow Platform aims to approach diversity as an opportunity and to reflect internally on their realities and share perspectives continuously learning from each other. During the gatherings this was clearly felt. The participants were extremely eager to think about plans to improve their political parties in terms of diversity acceptance. In between the sessions they brought their plans into action at home. For example through changing vacancy texts, introducing diversity champions in the offices and organizing political sessions on the theme.

We are proud of last year’s group and look forward to continuing this unique programme.

Hadia, diversity officer of D66, shares her experience.

Beeld: D66

Last year I had the opportunity to create a module on diversity and inclusion for the Rainbow platform. I did this with much pleasure. As is custom with the Rainbow platform, each module is accompanied by a special kick-off. A weekend during which the participants are given further insights on the topic of the module by being trained by experts/ the module designers.

In November I was thus, in Bucharest to share my insights on diversity and inclusion and the importance of mobilising minority groups to participate in politics. Frankly, I did not know what to expect. While giving trainings is part of my day-to-day job, I was nervous to give this training as it would be the first time to do so in English, and with such an international group. However, the nerves were soon forgotten as everyone cheerfully welcomed me, and told me they were looking forward to my training.

What I liked the most about this experience is the willingness and eagerness of each participant to learn and implement diversity and inclusion strategies within their parties. I think one of my key takeaways from my time in Bucharest, is seeing and experiencing the extent to which the participants from the Liberal family are open to learn and support one another in their journey of becoming more inclusive. In short, it was a great experience and I honestly, cannot wait to work with Rainbow platform and D66 internationaal on future projects.