Cezary Czaplicki

Cezary Czaplicki - Beeld: Cezary Czaplicki

In 2018, together with his wife, Cezary has moved to The Netherlands.

It was in the same time when he have started his career at DOW Benelux where he works up to now as one of Logistics Leaders. Next to his professional role at DOW, Cezary actively participates in association supporting equality between men and women. Cezary holds a Master’s degree in Economics in the area of business forecasting.

In the meanwhile 2 of his kids have already born in The Netherlands. Together with his family they are proud inhabitants of Clinge where his son is already attends to a local school.

In his private life Cezary is a polite cheerful person, full of energy and sense of justice. In his free time he enjoys kitesurfing, snowboarding and listening to jazz music.