D66: Your vote counts!

The Dutch municipal elections will be held on Wednesday March 16th, 2022. As a resident of Wassenaar you will be able to choose a new city council. The council is the city’s governing body, and deals with everything from school housing, preventative healthcare, affordable housing, public transportation, maintenance of parks and roads, local taxes and so on. If you are not Dutch, please check government.nl about voting in municipal elections to see if you are eligible to vote in the municipal elections. You can vote at several polling stations in Wassenaar, like Raadhuis De Paauw at Raadhuislaan 22.

One of the parties taking part in the election is D66, a liberal-democratic party founded in 1966. D66 is currently a part of Wassenaar council and of the Dutch national government. At D66 we value our international community. A few specific points from our 2022 local election programme for Wassenaar:

Welcome: D66 wants to see one central portal for internationals within the council where they can get help for their specific questions. We ask that internationals are invited to take part in procedures where civilians are asked to participate. We would like to stimulate that local people and internationals meet and get to know one another. The council already organises an International
Week each year. D66 is in favour of organising an annual ‘open embassy day’ or an international summer festival where theatre, arts and music can help to promote mutual understanding and

Education, care and welfare: Every child should, when necessary, receive extra help in school to catchup with their peers as soon as possible after their arrival. D66 wants access for everyone to extra
Dutch language education on all primary and secondary schools. D66 wants the council to try and make the International Centres of The Hague or Leiden available for internationals in Wassenaar.

We want everyone who takes up residence in Wassenaar to receive information about available schemes for energy saving, and alternatives for traditional air conditioning systems.
Safe living: Homes of internationals are often vacated for longer periods. D66 want the council to put extra measures in place to ensure quality of life and safe living environments for everyone in affected areas.

If you would like to know more, or get in touch with our local candidates, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via [email protected].