Who can vote?
All EU-citizens over 18 living in the Netherlands and anyone else over 18 that has been living in the Netherlands for five years or more, is eligible to vote in the local elections of March 21st 2018.
How and when can you vote?

You don’t have to register as a voter in the Netherlands. When you are living here, you’re required to register as a resident within your municipality: Maastricht. You have done so when you moved to the Netherlands. When you are registered as a resident in the Netherlands, you will automatically receive a so-called ‘voting pass’ (stempas) at your home, no less than two weeks before the elections on March 21st. You can go to any polling place within your municipality with that voting pass and a valid photo-ID – a passport, a European ID card or a Dutch driver’s licence – and vote. Voting is not a very time-consuming process in the Netherlands. Most often, you’re in and out of the polling place in less than ten minutes. You can always ask for instructions on the voting process form the volunteers at your polling place. You can cast your ballot at all polling places within the municipality where you live, not in other municipalities. There are polling places at all Town- and City Halls, at Maastricht Central train station, at the MUMC+, and at many locations within your municipality.

Why should you vote?
Municipalities are responsible for many aspects of public life. They finance the construction and renovation of schools, they plan and maintain all public spaces like parks and roads, they subsidize many organizations in fields like sports and culture, they provide affordable housing and they are responsible for most aspects of youth- and healthcare. Municipalities also collect their own taxes – like property taxes and parking- and waste charges – and set their own tax rates. Because local government influences daily life of residents greatly, expats are eligible to vote in local elections.

What are the key issues?
D66 wants opportunities for everyone
D66 stands for a Maastricht where everyone feels at home. Where we trust each other. Where we fight injustice and nonsense together. We are working on a society that includes better education and a better living environment for everyone’s future. Support optimism: this is the moment! Vote D66.

Student-friendly living
D66 wishes to invest in a better living climate for everyone. We want to invest in your safety. We want people to come together to create a welcoming city for everyone. Maastricht needs to become a real student city, by investing in affordable student housing and proper public transport.

Excellent education
Education is the key to success and personal growth. D66 invests in education at the highest level in Maastricht. That is why we support schools and the university with their plans for improvement, like the programme ‘Student & City’. D66 aims to banish illiteracy by 2025. Excellent culture. D66 wants to create a so-called ‘Maastricht Ramblas’: a welcoming entrance to the inner city, by changing parking rules and creating cozy terraces in the Stationstraat. We want to invest in a full-fledged music venue. Our ambition is to invest more money in arts and culture.